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What is Skip Tracing for Debt Collection?

Many different types of companies use skip tracing to track down non-payers. For instance, if you buy a car and defau...


Many different types of companies use skip tracing to track down non-payers. For instance, if you buy a car and default on your loan payments, the lender might hire a skip tracer to find you. The same construct applies to debt collection.

At TSI, we use skip tracing to enhance the collection process. We’re often the first line of defense when it comes to tracking down clients. We use our proprietary technology and advanced skip tracing skills to take the weight off your shoulders and get money into your pockets. But how, exactly, does skip tracing work for debt collection?

What is Skip Tracing?

Some people just don’t want to be found.

When you can’t find a client who owes you money, you’re out of luck — unless you partner with a firm that employs skip tracers. The skip tracing process combines technology and other resources, including public records and data, to find people who haven’t paid their invoices.

It’s true that you can pay a monthly fee to use an online database, but we maintain our own database that includes around one billion records and growing. Our system proves far more sophisticated than the consumer-based solutions you can find online and, more importantly, our staff knows how to use these resources to find clients faster and more effectively.

Instead of spending hours scouring the internet for a client who hasn’t made good on an invoice, you can trust skip tracers to find the wayward client and begin the debt collection process.

We also use account scrubbing to clean up any inaccurate, redundant, or misleading data. Businesses often waste valuable man hours chasing the wrong company or calling a phone number that has already been reassigned to someone else. Our proprietary skip tracing process ensures that you don’t have to go through all that trouble with no gain at the end of your pain.

Skip Tracing Services by Partnering with a Debt Collection Agency

Larger businesses can sometimes afford to conduct collections in-house, but the internal costs add up quickly, and agencies like TSI treat your customers with respect and diplomacy while finding them and attempting to collect debts.

We can customize our debt collection and skip tracing services to suit your specific needs, regardless of your industry. We let you focus on customer relationship management while we track down errant clients with our highly-skilled staff.

Ultimately, our goal is always to stimulate your cash flow while maintaining regulatory standards and upholding your brand reputation. Our skip tracing services and account scrubbing services make this process faster and easier, which leads to more satisfactory results.

No matter the size of your business, we can tailor a solution to your debt collection needs. Contact us to tell our team about your business and its outstanding invoices, and start optimizing your revenue today.

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