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Loan Servicing with UAS

UAS is our subsidiary loan servicing provider. We offer loan servicing expertise to a wide range of clients—from institutional asset managers to community credit unions, as well as a variety of higher education institutions across the country. Powered by a proprietary platform, ConnectSM, the experts at UAS can effectively monitor portfolios, identify future enhanced repayment opportunities and streamline your organization’s loan servicing operations.

The Benefits of ConnectSM

A forward-thinking loan servicing platform that leverages a flexible technology framework, ConnectSM enables the team to deliver best-in-class service while adapting and growing with the changing needs of clients and borrowers. ConnectSM integrates data across providers, delivers and presents it to stakeholders, and provides the tools to act on the information.

In addition, ConnectSM leverages an industry-leading compliance team, positioning clients for success in the regulatory environment of the future. Maintaining data integrity and high-borrower communication quality to meet all the demands of current regulatory requirements, UAS is poised to offer the most compliant loan servicing solution–industry wide.

Borrower Experience

A modern, intuitive, omni-channel borrower experience is critical for customer satisfaction and a frictionless loan servicing experience. Connecting digitally is a must for optimal portfolio performance.

Portal: Online access to real-time loan information, servicer communication, and loan management tools.

Digital: Multiple channels for digital communication including SMS texting, Email, Secure Messages, and Chat.

Letters: Customizable, white-label print options with configurable trigger logic and content. Digital or mail delivery options. 

Phone: Effective self-service IVR and skill based routing to highly trained, competent borrower representatives ready to serve.

Lender Experience

UAS is dedicated to providing Lenders access to information when and how they want it. UAS Connect provides an elegant UI for loan level data viewing, various reporting methods, and client-first customer service.

Customize: Lender’s can customize their servicing guidelines, branding, and borrower experience.

Data Rich: Access to a robust set of standard reports, custom query builder, and full API integration.

Service: Each client is provided a dedicated client service representative for support and assistance.

A Closer Look at UAS

With UAS, you get a best-in-class loan servicing platform backed by more than 50 years of experience and solid, modern technology. Get a closer look at


all the benefits and innovative services that UAS has to offer today.