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Full-Court Coverage

Legal Services

We leverage the legal channel to pursue debt obligations when all other efforts have proven to be unsuccessful.  

Attorney Network Services

Our Attorney Network services allow our clients to utilize a proven nationwide network of 125+ law firms to pursue unresolved accounts through the legal process.  Utilizing best-in-class law firms that are heavily vetted, we provide counsel capable of effectively navigating the legal process, while remaining compliant with all laws and regulations. These firms handle complex portfolios and are extremely competent to manage your inventory.  

TSI’s network of law firms are paid 100% on contingency. This structure ensures your portfolio receives the attention it deserves as the accounts are worked throughout the legal process. We are paid only when you realize recoveries on your accounts.

And through it all, we provide the necessary audit and oversight structure, and manage all critical back-office functions to support our firms. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Bankruptcy Processing and Proof of Claims Services

Identification & Scrubbing

Leveraging our proprietary Search-Match-Code algorithm, we have the ability to identify consumers that have filed bankruptcy where limited or incomplete information has been provided.

Proof of Claim Filing

Highly controlled processes ensure that claims are filed accurately within the required legal timeframe.

Monitoring & Account Warehousing

Ongoing daily monitoring of bankruptcy updates and proactive notification.

Electronic Notice Processing

Direct interfacing with the Trustees should questions arise as part of the bankruptcy administration process, and payment processing handling.

Account Coding

Ability to code accounts directly within the client system of record to provide real-time updates.

Probate Services

We provide probate collections and claims filing services that cover all 3,141 U.S. counties and 3,386 probate courts.

Asset Surveillance

Through a combination of outbound calling efforts and an exhaustive estate search, we are able to determine the availability of assets and oversee the filing of the probate claim to resolve debt.

Timeless Accuracy

Depending upon jurisdiction, the probate process can involve almost 100 unique claim forms. The timely and accurate submission of these forms can significantly impact the success of debt recovery.

Trained Specialists

Highly-trained specialists interact with estate attorneys, paralegals, court appointed executors and probate clerks to work through the process.

Recovery Services

When there is no estate filed in the probate courts, specialists work with surviving family members in an attempt to resolve the debt. During this process, specialists gather information regarding future estate filings, obtain death certificates and provide opportunities for resolution and closure.

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