Solving Your Toughest Debt Recovery Challenges

Industry-Leading Debt Collection

Boost your collections, increase your cure rates, minimize your net losses, and get cash flowing with TSI and our team of expert debt collectors. Our collection platform – supported by industry experts armed with our industry leading and proprietary analytics – provides you with an immediate lift in your portfolio performance.

TSI’s Proprietary Skip-Tracing Process

TSI’s skip-tracing process locates debtors sooner than our competitors using a variety of technologies and techniques, as well as some of the industry’s best skip-tracing data resources.

Once we’ve compiled the skip-tracing data for your customer, their phone numbers are then scored to determine the fastest way for our debt collectors to reach them for payment.

The result: more right-party contacts and higher, accelerated recoveries.

Post-Charge Off Debt Collections Services

First-Party Collections

TSI’s diplomatic approach ensures your customers stay happy and your brand is protected. We become a true extension of your back office to reduce expenses and streamline your processes through our first-party services.

Third-Party Collections

We provide our clients full-service contingent collections, variable capacity, and champion-challenger testing. TSI’s integrated collections platform combines best-in-class technology with data-driven workflows to facilitate effective and compliant operations for you. Instill a sense of urgency in your debtors and recover what you’re owed with third-party agency intervention via our team of expert debt collectors.


  • Increase your liquidity rates and develop more accurate revenue forecasting with TSI’s proprietary Data Analytics Platform
  • Track down customers and get paid due to our proprietary skip-tracing methodology
  • Ability to dynamically capture and resolve customer complaints with capture of root cause reporting
  • Why TSI? Our people make the difference. Our seasoned debt collector experts have deep domain experience backed by the training and support to recover what you are due.

Increase Your Chances of Recovery

When a traditional collection approach is no longer viable, you need a debt collection agency that can swiftly and efficiently pursue these charged-off accounts. For more than 45 years, TSI has been managing attorney networks and handling claims processing for clients to help them recover the charged-off debt that they never expected to see again.

Legal Claims Processing & Attorney Network Services

For difficult to collect or high-balance accounts that other agencies simply aren’t equipped to collect on, trust TSI’s tenured subject-matter experts to develop debt collection solutions that work for you.

Our team of experts balance the need for rigorous regulatory compliance while managing collection effectiveness. By aggregating placement volume and creating scale for law firms, our Attorney Network Services allows our clients to leverage a proven national network of creditor’s rights attorneys to pursue unresolved accounts by leveraging a litigation strategy.

Bankruptcy Processing and Proof-of-Claims Services

Don’t lose your ability to recover a debt because of improperly or untimely filing of proof of claims documentation. We have intrinsic knowledge of both court-mandated guidelines and timelines to increase your chances of recovery.

With bankruptcy monitoring, identification, scrub services, account coding, and file bankruptcy proof-of-claims, let TSI take the burden off your staff by integrating these services into your regular collection workflow.


Leave probate to the pros. TSI’s probate recovery solution focuses on an empathetic approach towards the family. We coordinate with the executors and probate courts to expeditiously navigate through a sensitive time to streamline the process. Our industry know-how saves your staff time and helps you efficiently collect from an estate.