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Far-Reaching Collections Expertise

Our expertise spans 50+ years. During which, we’ve delivered results for Fortune 100 corporations, educational institutions, financial institutions, state and federal government organizations, national and regional healthcare providers, and small and medium-sized businesses. No matter the industry, we collect more, we collect better and we collect faster to streamline your entire receivables operations.

Industries We Serve

Commercial B2B and B2C

We are a partner you can trust. Everything we do is geared towards delivering consistent, revenue-generating results across the entire credit-to-cash lifecycle. This focus on outcomes-driven solutions is why we have been a trusted partner for some of the world’s most sophisticated Fortune 100 organizations for over 50 years, and counting.


We help borrowers find a resolution. We believe in the power of partnership. Working with hundreds of higher education partners, we have developed a comprehensive suite of solutions for educational institutions of all sizes. With revenue and borrower satisfaction closely associated with the services provided by an agency, professionalism and quality of service are paramount. Our strategy promotes a mutually determined repayment schedule that is reasonable, based on the borrowers’ financial position, and also satisfies our clients desire for an expedited cash flow.

Financial Institutions

We are first in finance. TSI has designed very specific core strategies for our organization while partnering directly with our customers to enhance our approach. Going beyond standard contracted services defines partnership at TSI. No matter the diversity of your financial institution’s portfolio, maximize liquidity and realize a greater return on investment.


We have a propensity for Public-Sector Success. Our team provides Government recovery needs including, Tolling Services, Taxpayer Services, Tax Amnesty Programs, Tax Return Processing, Tax Lien Processing, Suspension/Reinstatement of Drivers Licenses and more. At TSI, we know that a successful debt collection program is about more than simply dollars collected. Our debt recovery solutions get government entities’ revenue back on track and keep citizens happy.


We protect the patient experience. We cover first-party and third-party debt collection, insurance follow-up, back-office support, and layered, multi-channel solutions—including reminders, calls and letters. When you partner with TSI, you can be sure of this: your revenue cycle management will unequivocally improve. Our team of professionals works with hospital systems, physician groups and private practices across the country. We streamline revenue cycle management and healthcare debt collection processes by helping clients better understand the value of their A/R and reducing the cost to collect.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

We improve productivity to drive more profit. Getting back to business is what’s important to running a successful operation. That’s why you need to leave debt recovery to the experts. TSI has the skill, experience and resources to successfully perform your collections. We provide the right solution, at the right time. Our sophisticated products are built with your business and customer in mind.

Business process outsourcing & Customer Relationship Management

We’ve partnered with companies in the industries below to create efficiencies and optimize their business processes.

Banking and Credit Card Services