TSI: A Leader in Education Debt Collection and Loan Servicing

Education Debt Collection and Loan Servicing Solutions

From loan servicing to early-stage delinquent account resolution and default collections, TSI provides a comprehensive accounts receivable solution for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes.

By combining the loan servicing expertise of University Accounting Service (UAS) – a wholly owned subsidiary of TSI – with the data-driven accounts receivable capabilities of TSI, you get a comprehensive, end-to-end loan servicing, default prevention, and debt recovery program.

Explore TSI’s Education Debt Collection services and discover the benefits of Loan Servicing with UAS.

Education Debt Collection with TSI

TSI recognizes that educational institutions must be attentive to keeping a positive, trust-based relationship with borrowers. Our empathetic approach to debt collection strives to help borrowers find repayment options that get them back on track.

Guaranty Agency Solutions

With offerings including default aversion services, post-default debt collections services, and skip/locate services, we are able to offer guaranty agencies a full suite of loan recovery solutions.

Private Lending Solutions

In the private student loan industry, we offer loan servicing, default aversion, and post-charge off debt collections to financial institutions, institutional lenders, and investment trusts.

Campus-Based Solutions

We partner with you to provide portfolio evaluation, loan servicing, pre-collection and account notification services, cohort default management, and post-default debt collection services, ensuring positive outcomes and increasing borrower satisfaction.

Loan Servicing with UAS

UAS provides servicing solutions for a range of lenders, from institutional asset managers to community credit unions, as well as a variety of higher education institutions across the country.

As lending evolves, lenders need improved reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor their portfolios, identify improvement opportunities, and streamline their operations. In order to meet these needs, UAS has developed UAS Connect.

Innovative, Flexible Serving Platform

A forward-thinking loan servicing platform that leverages a flexible technology framework, UAS Connect enables the team to deliver best-in-class service while adapting and growing with the changing needs of clients and borrowers. UAS Connect integrates data across providers, delivers and presents it to stakeholders, and provides the tools to act on the information.

In addition, UAS Connect leverages an industry-leading compliance team, positioning clients towards the regulatory environment of the future. While maintaining data integrity and high-borrower communication quality to meet all the demands of current regulatory requirements, UAS is poised to offer the most compliant loan servicing solution industry wide.

With UAS you get a best-in-class loan servicing platform backed by more than 50 years of experience and future-proof technology. Get a closer look at UASConnect.com.

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