Getting paid has never been so quick

TSI has proudly partnered with Sikka Software Company to bring dental practices a unique receivables management tool called Dental Collect. Dental Collect and Dental Collect Enterprise integrate seamlessly with your practice management system (PMS), and helps dental practices increase overall cash flow while saving time and maintaining patient diplomacy.

Dental Collect and Dental Collect Enterprise users enjoy these benefits:
  1. Collect more money and increase cash flow with less work
  2. Maintain diplomacy with patients
  3. Automatically identifies overdue accounts for follow-up
  4. Flexible collection program that allows the dental practice to choose how assertive the approach should be
  5. Compatible with most dental practice management systems
At no additional cost to you, Dental Collect and Dental Collect Enterprise are designed to:
  1. Allow the user to evaluate each account and send qualifying accounts to TSI
  2. Report payments
  3. Track the status of each account and allows the dental practice to stop TSI notifications when payment has been received.

Since working with the Dental Collect program we have had great results in our collection efforts. The patients are responding to the statements sent by TSI. It also allows us to get better control at a quick glance. The hardest part of the program is remembering to update daily. After the first week it became second nature.

Bonnie Weinstein, Office Administrator

Since we started usingTSI last May, 82% of the accounts we have referred to have paid their balances off in full. Our service paid for itself in the first two weeks of using you. To date, I have noticed that our cost to collect is 3.7%…I would highly recommendTSI to any dental practice that wants to motivate their patients to pay, while not sacrificing control or those relationships that their practice has built over the years.
Office Manager, Dental Practice-Chicago, IL Area